YubaNet – Michael Taylor: Candidacy Announcement for District 1 Supervisor


I, Michael James Taylor, am officially announcing my intention to run for District 1 Supervisor in Nevada County. While not a seasoned politician, I have worked with many local contractors and subcontractors on both commercial and residential projects throughout Nevada County and look forward to using my years of experience as a licensed general building contractor and retired private firefighter to guide the County along a trajectory of sustainable housing and economic growth. As District 1 Supervisor, I will be your advocate and will bring common-sense leadership to the Board. Please take a few minutes to learn about my priorities below.

Housing Solutions – As Supervisor, I plan to create housing solutions that will increase homeownership and rental opportunities in Nevada County so we can at least meet or exceed our Housing Element Plan goals. When elected, I’ll work to streamline building department processes, put a stop to increases in permitting and inspection fees, and am already working with County Staff to create clear systems that will enable homeowners to easily certify existing permitted septic systems to allow for the addition of a bedroom through a garage conversion, ADU, or livable RV on their properties. In the short term, ADUs can be used to meet some of Nevada County’s housing needs and through the combination of strategically using R2 and R3 Zoning to accommodate multiple housing units and the implementation of a more user-friendly building department experience, we can instill long term solutions. I also support bringing back Title 25 to streamline permitting for as-builts and affordable housing and am working on creating a program to waive or postpone Community Development Agency fees associated with building a new 1200 sq ft or less home to increase the construction of entry level housing, which will provide housing in the short term and create sustainable revenue for the County in the long term through property taxes.

Fire Preparedness – As a retired private firefighter who was contracted to run dozers and excavators for CAL FIRE on some of California’s largest fires, including the CampFire in Paradise, and a certified crane operator who completed hazardous tree removal projects throughout Nevada County, I have real-world insight into fire safety mitigation-management strategies that can improve conditions in Nevada County. I support the further consolidation of all Fire Districts and, as Supervisor, plan to create more effective warning and evacuation systems.

Fiscally Conservative – Nevada County is fiscally dependent on State and Federal funding and grants to meet minimum Core Services requirements.To take steps towards ensuring Nevada County will be recession resilient when State and Federal Funding is pulled back, I support the Grand Jury’s recommendation to update the antiquated Auditor-Controller’s software to make it easier to audit expenses and plan the yearly budget. I also support updating antiquated accounting systems being used by the Human Resource Office to allow for better tracking of departmental and staff time in relation to individual projects. Additionally, I’m dedicated to sound management of taxpayer dollars in the General Fund and have noticed permitting fees as well as Senior Staff member’s total financial compensation packages have nearly doubled in the past eight years. As a member of the Board, I will not vote to raise or create any new Community Development Agency fees or County taxes, and prior to voting to approve any further salary or benefit increases for Nevada County Senior Staff, will request a full review of Senior Staff members’ total compensation packages to compare how they stack up against neighboring counties with comparable populations.

Code Compliance Oversight – As Supervisor, I will work to ensure your personal and property rights are respected. In recent years, I’ve seen firsthand the problems constituents face when dealing with the County and given my personal experiences with code compliance, I understand how the Code Compliance Department works. As Supervisor, I will work to restore the community’s trust in the County by bringing fair and just oversight to the Code Compliance Division and will work to incorporate a transparent ombudsman hearing process to handle grievances community members have with County Staff and/or departmental processes so oversight of the Code Compliance Division no longer lies solely with each constituent’s Supervisor. Currently Supervisors respond to complaints on a case by case basis, which lacks transparency and accountability.

Homelessness and Mental Health Clients – Every person has the right to live in conditions that assure safety, security and quality of life. Rather than continuing to convert small private residences and hotels for this purpose, streamlining the County’s scattered services into one larger facility that can provide housing for upwards of 200 people will better serve our community and is more fiscally responsible in the long term. I also support creating a large residential treatment facility to assist community members with more severe mental health problems as an alternative to housing them in jail as well as creating a designated safe camp area where showers and toilet facilities are provided along with security and County services for people experiencing homelessness who live in their vehicles.

High-Speed Internet – I support Nevada County making high-speed internet access a priority. Expanding access will support existing businesses as well as residents working remotely and will attract new entrepreneurs to our community.

Core Service Improvements – I support initiatives that aim to improve the core services available to our community such as Public Works, road maintenance, roadside brush clearing, striping, and snow removal, all of which have significantly declined in Nevada County over the decades.

You can learn more about me, my longstanding history in Nevada County, and the other issues I plan to prioritize when elected at www.mtaylor4district1.com.

As I continue to rally local support, I’m asking that donations be made to my efforts. Checks can be mailed to P.O. Box 711, Nevada City, CA 95959 or constituents can make donations at my website linked above.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me at mtaylor4district1@gmail.com. I look forward to serving you and our community.