Your support can make a difference!

Who am I?

I often get asked about my political affiliation. Let me clarify: I’m a moderate, independent who prioritizes fiscal responsibility and holds a libertarian-leaning political position. Additionally, I approach social issues with compassion and a left-leaning perspective.

When I’m honored with being elected as Supervisor of District 1, I will take my oath to uphold the State and Federal Constitutions seriously and will make additional commitments to ensure your personal and property rights are respected.

I’m not affiliated with the Democratic or the Republican Party, and have never been a Democrat or Republican card carrying citizen.

The position of Supervisor is a non-partisan public service and ideally it’s best when there is a balance in opinions on the Board. Historically, what hasn’t worked best for Nevada County is when there is a majority of either Democrats or Republicans on the Board.

Having no political connection to the Democratic or the Republican Party allows me to make decisions based on common sense governance, which I believe will benefit Nevada County as a whole… regardless of the district I’m elected to represent directly.

I’m committed to fostering balance on the Board, and am aiming to create an environment free from the constraints of party politics.  

Four years ago, I personally funded the majority of my campaign for District 1 Supervisor based on my belief that our county’s trajectory was unsustainable. Today, four years later, I still hold that belief.

Through my past experience, I learned that running an effective campaign without party affiliation requires your direct support through both donations and endorsements.

I cannot fund this endeavor alone! Your support will make a difference.

Regardless of which district you live in, please consider making a donation and/or endorsing me and my campaign!

Together we can create positive change in Nevada County.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Michael Taylor