The Union – Michael Taylor announces candidacy for District 1 Supervisor

Michael Taylor recently announced his intention to run for Nevada County District 1 Supervisor. While not a seasoned politician, he feels it’s necessary to bring his years of experience as a licensed general building contractor and retired private firefighter to the table to guide the County along a trajectory of sustainable housing and economic growth.

Taylor is dedicated to creating housing solutions that will increase homeownership and rental opportunities in Nevada County, and as a retired private firefighter who was contracted to run dozers and excavators for CAL FIRE on some of California’s largest fires, including the CampFire in Paradise, as well as a certified crane operator who completed hazardous tree removal projects throughout Nevada County, has real-world insight into fire safety mitigation-management strategies that can improve conditions in Nevada County. As a fiscal conservative, he’s also committed to sound management of taxpayer dollars in the General Fund.

As a member of the Board, he says he will not vote to raise or create any new Community Development Agency fees or County taxes, and prior to voting to approve any further salary or benefit increases for Nevada County Senior Staff, says he will request a full review of Senior Staff members’ total compensation packages to compare how they stack up against neighboring counties with comparable populations.

“Total payroll for Nevada County is between 38-39% of the budget, which I advocate being brought down to around 35%. When adjusted, we’ll have room for much needed fire mitigation and improved infrastructure projects. With salaries and benefits at an all time high we should not be looking to taxpayers to foot the bill with sales tax increases.”

In his upcoming run for Supervisor, Michael pointed out that historically Supervisors have had the honor of serving our community for an average of two terms ( As an advocate for a two term-limit, he believes change of local leadership will give constituents a fresh perspective on important issues and prevent stagnation on the Board.

Michael is currently rallying local support and asking that donations be made to his efforts. You can learn more at his website: He can also be reached by email at