Housing Solutions

As Supervisor, Michael plans to create housing solutions that will increase homeownership and rental opportunities in Nevada County so we can at least meet or exceed our Housing Element Plan goals. When elected, he’ll work to streamline building department processes, put a stop to increases in permitting and inspection fees, and, in the meantime, is already working with County Staff to create clear systems that will enable homeowners to easily certify existing permitted septic systems to allow for the addition of a bedroom through a garage conversion, ADU, or livable RV on their properties.

In the short term, Michael believes ADUs can be used to meet some of Nevada County’s housing needs and through the combination of strategically using R2 and R3 Zoning to accommodate multiple housing units and the implementation of a more user-friendly building department experience, believes we can instill long term solutions. He also supports bringing back Title 25 to streamline permitting for as-builts and affordable housing and is currently working on creating a program to waive or postpone Community Development Agency fees associated with building a new 1200 sq ft or less home to increase the construction of entry level housing, which will provide housing in the short term and create sustainable revenue for the County in the long term through property taxes.