On the Issues

Housing Solutions

Michael plans to create housing solutions that will increase homeownership and rental opportunities in Nevada County so we can at least meet or exceed our Housing Element Plan goals. 

Fire Preparedness

As a retired private firefighter, Michael has real-world insight into fire safety mitigation-management strategies that can improve conditions in Nevada County.

Fiscal Responsibility

Michael is dedicated to sound management of taxpayer dollars in the General Fund and has noticed permitting fees as well as Senior Staff member’s total financial compensation packages have nearly doubled in the past eight years. 

Code Compliance Oversight

Michael will work to ensure your personal and property rights are respected. He’s seen firsthand the problems constituents face when dealing with the County, and understands how the Code Compliance Department works.

Homelessness & Mental Health

Michael believes streamlining the County’s scattered services into one larger facility that can provide housing for upwards of 200 people will best serve our community and is fiscally responsible in the long term.

High Speed Internet

Michael supports making the availability of affordable high-speed internet to everyone in Nevada County a priority. Expanding access will support existing businesses as well as residents working remotely. It will also will attract new entrepreneurs to our community.

Core Service Improvements

Michael supports initiatives that aim to improve the core services available to our community such as Public Works, road maintenance, roadside brush clearing, striping, and snow removal, all of which have significantly declined in Nevada County over the decades.

Local Agriculture

Agriculture is the backbone of our community playing a crucial role in the economic, social, and environmental fabric of the region. As Supervisor, Michael will work hard to ensure Nevada County prioritizes and supports all sectors of this industry.

Craft Cannabis Cultivation

Michael supports craft and cooperative cannabis cultivation in rural Nevada County. He believes it’s vital we limit large, commercial grows while simultaneously making the application and permitting process more streamlined for small, boutique “Mom & Pop” operations.

Promoting Outdoor Recreation

Michael supports projects that aim to make Nevada County a “must-see” destination for tourists on their way to and from the Lake Tahoe area, including but not limited to the construction of low-impact hotels, accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and tiny homes that can sustain an influx of tourism.

Common Sense Leadership

Historically Supervisors have had the honor of serving our community for two-terms, and, as an advocate for a two term-limit, Michael believes change of local leadership will give constituents a fresh perspective on important issues and prevent stagnation on the Board.