Nevada County: Vote For Change

If you are an advocate for change in Nevada County, I need your help! I can’t do it without your donation.

As you may know, I’m running for District 1 Supervisor in Nevada County. I’m reaching out to you today not just as a candidate but as a fellow resident deeply invested in the future of our county.

Regardless of which district you live in, please know my campaign in District 1 is about more than just a few individuals running for an elected public service position – it’s about creating change in Nevada County.

While I respect Supervisor Hall’s commitment to public service in our community, I’m concerned about the current trajectory of our county as a whole and believe a change of District 1 leadership will give constituents a fresh perspective on important issues.

Here are some of my concerns:

Housing Solutions
Nevada County hasn’t come close to meeting its housing development goals for over a decade.

I plan to create housing solutions that will increase homeownership and rental opportunities in Nevada County so we can at least meet or exceed our current Housing Element Plan goals.

Financial Compensation
Nevada County senior staff members’ total financial compensation has skyrocketed in the past eight years.

I will not vote to increase any financial compensation without a comprehensive review of neighboring counties with similar populations and similar budgets.

CDA Fees
Community Development Agency (CDA) permitting fees and penalty fees have spiked in the past eight years.

As Supervisor of District 1, I will not vote to raise or create any new Community Development Agency fees or County taxes without first seeing a clear path for improving Core Services.

In recent history, homelessness in Nevada County has nearly doubled. However, these numbers fail to accurately account for the number of youth sleeping on friends’ or relatives’ couches, people living in their vehicles or RVs, and those in unpermitted living arrangements countywide.

I’m currently working on a plan for addressing homelessness that includes emergency, short, medium, and long term objectives. When elected Supervisor of District 1, we will see a downturn in homelessness, with people living on the street just out of view.

Drone Usage
In August 2021, the Board of Supervisors approved an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) pilot program that directly threatens the personal and property rights of everyone living in Nevada County.

I strongly oppose the CDA Code Compliance Division having the legal right to use drones.

I shared my thoughts with the Board of Supervisors shortly after this program was originally voted in, and when elected as District 1 Supervisor will request the CDA drone program be eliminated or updated with strict oversight guidelines. While this program remains approved as-is, it is a clear violation of your personal and property rights!

Grand Jury Decisions
For over a decade, Supervisors have neglected the importance of grand jury reports and Nevada County Superior Court decisions.

As District 1 Supervisor, I promise to prioritize and treat all grand jury reports, court recommendations and court decisions with the utmost respect.

Two-Term Limit
Historically, on average, Supervisors in District 1 have had the honor of serving our community for two terms.

I’m committed to implementing a two-term limit for Nevada County Supervisors and will actively support it as Supervisor of District 1. I believe change of local leadership will give constituents a fresh perspective on important issues and prevent stagnation on the Board.

As a resident in this community, I’m asking for your support and your vote of confidence, not just for me, but for a vision of Nevada County that reflects our shared values.

Donations to my efforts will make a big impact in helping me get elected so we can create change in Nevada County.

You can also help by:

  • Spreading the word about my campaign to friends and family who live in District 1
  • Volunteering to support me throughout my campaign
  • Following my campaign on social media

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Michael Taylor

Your contribution to my campaign will put Nevada County along a trajectory of sustainable housing and economic growth.

Be a voter for change.