Let’s Focus on the Real Issues

At the LWV District 1 Candidate Forum, I voiced concerns about Nevada County’s economic future.

As a dedicated, longstanding resident of Nevada County, I care deeply about our community’s economic well-being. With a contracting background and a profound love for our area, I understand firsthand the challenges we face, particularly concerning our county’s financial health.

I’m troubled by our declining revenue and rising full-time staff costs, which signal impending financial hardship that demands urgent attention and effective solutions.

During the League of Women Voters (LWV) District 1 Candidate Forum, which you can rewatch in full HERE, I highlighted my efforts to scrutinize Nevada County senior staff’s total pay and benefits by comparing them with those of neighboring jurisdictions. I also raised concerns about the justification for excessive salaries and emphasized the need for transparency and accountability.

I remain committed to fiscal responsibility and transparency in our governance and firmly believe in the importance of conducting a thorough comparative study of senior and appointed staff members’ total compensation packages to compare how they stack up against neighboring counties with comparable populations.

While my opponents for the District 1 seat offer differing perspectives, I share the concerns raised by my fellow candidate, Sue McGuire, about excessive public sector salaries. “We can’t be having our public servants making two, three, or four times as much as the local people that are paying for those salaries and benefits,” McGuire rightly pointed out.

That said, I find Supervisor Hall’s dismissal of salary disparities troubling. “This is a red herring. It’s a non-issue,” she claimed, suggesting that County staff could be making twice as much as what they’re currently making if they worked in the private sector.

Supervisor Hall also commented that her position as District 1 Supervisor is her only job and noted that she currently draws a base salary of $74,000 per year. While that is currently true, information available on Transparent California shows that she collected compensation for two separate paid government positions between the years 2017-2022. This practice of double dipping is a real issue! As you can see in the graphic below, Supervisor Hall was receiving a substantial salary with benefits from both the California Department of Water Resources and Nevada County through her elected position as Supervisor at the same time.

I’m committed to serving our community’s best interests by focusing on real issues and ensuring our voices are heard. Regardless of which district you live in, with your support, we can steer our county toward a better future.

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Michael Taylor

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