Fostering Change in Board Leadership

Help me bring change to Board leadership!

When elected as Supervisor of District 1, I’m committed to implementing vital changes within the Board of Supervisors. With a focus on advocating for working people, ensuring responsible fiscal oversight, and instituting term limits, my goal is to bring a fresh perspective and foster a more inclusive and transparent future for Nevada County.

📌 Responsible Fiscal Oversight:

Did you know total pay and benefits for some Nevada County senior staff members has nearly doubled in the past eight years?

I’m dedicated to the sound management of taxpayer dollars in the General Fund and as a member of the Board, I will not vote to raise or create any new Community Development Agency fees or County taxes and I will request a full review of Senior Staff members’ total compensation packages, which will include a comprehensive review of neighboring counties with similar populations and similar budgets, prior to voting to approve any further salary or benefit increases.

In the meantime, I’ve already started my own research, which you can view HERE.

You can also learn more in my recent op-ed that was published on the Sierra Sun website HERE.

📌 Two-Term Limits:

Historically, Supervisors in my district (District 1) have had the honor of serving our community for an average of two terms. As a candidate for this seat, I’m committed to implementing and supporting a two-term limit for Nevada County Supervisors from all districts. This commitment is rooted in my belief that changes in local leadership are essential to providing constituents with fresh perspectives on important issues. By instituting term limits, we can aim to prevent stagnation on the Board and encourage new ideas and approaches.

Regardless of which district you live in, join me in a collective effort to prioritize fiscal responsibility and implement term limits to ensure our community is benefiting from fresh perspectives on the Board of Supervisors. Together we can create a resilient and inclusive future for Nevada County.

Please share this information with your neighbors, family, and friends to help spread the message of positive change.

Michael Taylor

Your contribution to my campaign will put Nevada County along a trajectory of sustainable housing and economic growth.

Be a voter for change.