Fact Checking Requires Facts

Ed Schofield is not being specific nor transparent about what sources he’s using to check his facts, and I believe some of his ‘fact checking’ is inaccurate. One thing he did make clear, which I agree with, is that it’s the responsibility of each Supervisor to oversee the County’s budget as well as the salaries of the senior leadership staff.

In his op-ed linked below, he said, “Among the Letters to the Editor of The Union, I read one letter asserting that there needs to be a citizens’ committee to review salaries. I’d like to say there is such a committee. It’s made up of five members — one from each supervisorial district – and it’s called the Nevada County Board of Supervisors.”

If the current Supervisors feel the total pay and benefits being received by Nevada County Senior Staff & Elected Officials, which have nearly doubled in the last eight years, is acceptable… then Nevada County needs change and fresh perspectives on the Board.