Beyond Politics, Toward Progress

I bridge the gap between District 1’s left and right perspectives.

As the election for the District 1 seat on the Nevada County Board of Supervisors quickly approaches, I want to share why I believe I’m the candidate who will represent your best interests.

Recently, the League of Women Voters of Nevada County hosted a candidate forum where Supervisor Hall, Sue McGuire, and I presented our visions for the future of District 1. While my opponents bring their own perspectives to the table, I believe my centered, non-partisan stance offers a pragmatic approach to addressing our district, and our county’s challenges.

Supervisor Hall, the incumbent of the District 1 seat, endorsed by the Nevada County Democrats, is running for a third-term, and continues to highlight her history of leadership and community involvement as reasons why she deserves your vote. That said, I believe our county requires fresh ideas and innovative solutions to address the pressing issues we’re experiencing. One clear example is Supervisor Hall’s choice to highlight the Board’s investments in low-income housing and its increasing focus on workforce housing. I firmly believe there is plenty of room for additional exploration of development that has the potential to lead to long-term, sustainable growth. When elected Supervisor, I plan to implement NEW solutions to this longstanding issue by streamlining building department processes and putting a stop to increases in permitting and inspection fees. In the meantime, I’m already working with County Staff to create clear systems that will enable homeowners to easily certify existing permitted septic systems to allow for the addition of a bedroom through a garage conversion, ADU, or livable RV on their properties. My hope is that implementing these new approaches will help us meet or exceed our Housing Element Plan goals. In addition to what I’ve mentioned above, you can learn more about my proposed solutions HERE on my website. 

Sue McGuire, endorsed by the Nevada County Republican Party, has been choosing to emphasize her strong desire to implement better government transparency and accountability systems, alongside raising valid concerns about excessive public sector salaries as reasons why she’s deserving of your vote. While I share a similar stance on these issues, I’m committed to addressing them more effectively and already have personal experience doing so. Rather than just talking about the importance of this, I’ve already started my own research to see how Nevada County Senior Staff members’ total compensation packages compare to neighboring counties with comparable populations, which you can view HERE on my website. I’m a strong advocate for fiscal responsibility and transparency in governance. As Supervisor, I will also work hard to ensure your personal and property rights are respected. In recent years, I’ve seen firsthand the problems constituents face when dealing with the County and given my personal experiences with code compliance, understand how the Code Compliance Department works. As Supervisor, I will also work to incorporate a transparent ombudsman hearing process to handle grievances community members have with County staff and/or departmental processes so oversight of the Code Compliance Division no longer lies solely with each constituent’s Supervisor. These proactive approaches demonstrate my commitment to efficient and accountable governance, which set me apart as the candidate who has a clear path forward for District 1’s future.

Throughout the forum, I also emphasized the importance of fire preparedness with a focus on identifying and prioritizing the improvement of evacuation routes. By bringing fresh perspectives to these longstanding Board of Supervisors objectives, we can ensure that our local government remains accountable and responsive to the needs of District 1.

Born and raised in Nevada County, with family ties in the area that date back to the 1930s, my dedication to our community runs deep. I’m determined to bring an end to the current stagnation and restrictive CDA policies that have been in place for the past several years, and despite not being a seasoned politician, my expertise in construction equips me with the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively address our local housing crisis. Unlike my fellow candidates, I also have no affiliations with government agencies or political parties. My commitment is unwavering to the constituents of District 1 – and I’m dedicated to both exposing and rectifying issues at the County level while holding this non-partisan publicly elected seat.

While some candidates lean left or right, I remain firmly centered. When elected, my priority is to collaborate closely with constituents to ensure their concerns are heard and addressed. I may lack the polished demeanor of a traditional politician, but I believe my straightforward approach will benefit our district and our county as a whole. Rest assured, if given the opportunity to serve, I will represent you well.

Read more about how my perspective and approach differ from the other two candidates in The Union:

On or before March 5th, I humbly ask for your vote. Mark my box on the ballot and be a part of bringing change to District 1!

Michael Taylor

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